The Easiest Way to Make A Chalk Board Without Using Chalk Paint

I could not believe how easy this was!  I was at Hobby Lobby thinking I was going to purchase chalk paint, so I could make a chalk board for my kitchen.I noticed they had a chalk board roll packaged in a container, kind of like reynolds wrap or something similar.  The back side of the chalk roll has a backing that you just peel off.
I purchased a thin board at Lowe’s and peeled the backing off of the chalk board roll and applied it 
to my board.  Since I had never seen anything like this before, I thought it might leave
bubbles or something, but it didn’t.  It was so easy to attach to the board. 
My husband helped me so we could make sure we got it straight, but it was just so easy.
Then my husband framed it out for me.  
I have this in my kitchen and I just love it.

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