My Kitchen Remodel
My Kitchen Remodel


I had been wanting to remodel my kitchen for a long time.  My husband really had no idea of all the projects I had in mind for the kitchen.  After all  I did not want to overwhelm him.

  I convinced my husband to take on this project with me.  So with my decorating ideas and layout plans and his muscles and carpentry skills,we started knocking out the pantry and breaking up the tile floor.  It was not easy (especially the tile floor) and we still have a few things left to do, but this is our journey.  Below you can see what the kitchen looked like originally.  (That’s me celebrating my birthday!)   I wish I would have had a better picture to show you.  You can see the tile floor. It also had ceramic tile counter tops. I wish I had a picture of the pantry because we took the pantry out and it really opened up the kitchen.


What a mess we made!!  I remember thinking my kitchen is NEVER going to get to the point I envisioned in my head.  I know a little dramatic.  But then it started showing signs of beauty.
  The pantry was at the end of the counter across from the refrigerator. ( That’s me again getting ice out of the freezer). 
 When you look at the floor you
can see the outline of where the pantry was.  With the pantry there you could not see into the kitchen because the pantry was blocking the view.  It made the kitchen seem small.
Now let’s talk about the floors!  


The tile was not that difficult to break up and remove.  The adhesive however, was a different story.  Above you can see my husband and I taking turns at chiseling up the adhesive.  We are using the compressor to make it go a little faster.  It was still hard work!  My husband kept mumbling words under his breath during this process.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t good.

  Why did I not have the tiles pulled up by a professional, you might be asking?  Well at $4 dollars a square foot we are talking big bucks.  Bucks that I can be using for the new kitchen.  And thank goodness my husband was the one that suggested we do it ourselves.  Since he had to do most of  the chiseling (because he is so strong) I was glad he was willing to take this on.  Even if he did mumble under his breath, several times.  Did I mention he did this several times???
Below is the new flooring.  The brand is Ponderosa and it is Hickory Frisco. I love the floors.  I purchased these floors through a local flooring company.  D&D Floor Covering Inc.
The counter top I chose is quartz.  It is just beautiful. Take a look for yourself. It goes great with the dark gray cabinets.  I purchased this counter top at Lowe’s.  The installers were very professional.  I was very pleased.
Below is the almost finished remodeled kitchen.  I am very happy with the way it is turning out.  


This is what the kitchen looks like now.  MUCH BETTER, don’t you think??
I painted the bottom cabinets a dark gray and left the top cabinets white.  I really like this contrast.  I painted the walls a light gray (which really compliment the dark gray cabinets).  My husband built the industrial shelving. (which you can find under decorating ideas – kitchens on my blog)
The chalkboard was really easy. Instead of doing chalk paint I found a chalkboard roll at Hobby Lobby.  It has a sticky backing.  So we just applied the chalkboard roll to a piece of 1/4″ plywood (very thin) and then framed in out.
We still have a few things to do.  I am going to do a wood back splash and we will also have to finish the counter top by the sink.  
I am really pleased with the way this is turning out. #lovemykitchen #diykitchens



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