How to Sea Sponge a Wall

How To Paint Your Wall Using A Sea Sponge
I must admit I was a little intimated when I decided to try this technique.  However, it was much easier than I thought it would be.  I actually did this on a Friday evening after work. Saturday, after looking at the wall, I decided I had a little too much color in it, so I just got my sea sponge out and went back over the areas I thought were too bright with a lighter color.  What I also like about this technique is that once you have finished all your cut in’s around the corners and such, you do not have to worry about doing that again if you decide to go back over your wall with the sea sponge.  I think this project was one of my easier ones. Don’t be afraid to try this.  All you do is decide on your paint color and then purchase a bottle of glaze and a sea sponge.  The paint and glaze should be 50/50

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