Christmas Traditions

Christmas Stocking Tradition 

Growing up my Mother would wrap a stocking gift and put it in our stockings starting 7 days before Christmas.  Each night when we went to bed we knew when we woke up the next morning there would be another wrapped gift in our stockings.  We were allowed to feel the stockings but that was it.  The anticipation of wondering what Mother had added to the stocking was fun.

 Then Christmas morning we were allowed to take our stockings down and open up the small gifts before we opened the presents under the tree.  We usually opened the gifts in the stockings while our parents were still getting around Christmas morning or still sleeping.   

This kept us from waking ours parents up too early on Christmas morning.  I know some families are up very, very early.  If you let your children know they cannot get up until (set a time and use an alarm clock or the alarm on a phone) set time, then you can sleep a little longer and when the children do wake up they can go straight to the stockings and not open the presents until the parents are present.  This buys Mom and Dad a little extra time.  


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