Every year during the holidays I make Peanut Clusters along with the Pecan Clusters (you can also find on my blog under recipes, desserts,) anyway this year my husband was laid off work for a couple of weeks during the holidays, so I told him to make these.  That is how easy this is.  Even […]


I have been making this Oatmeal Cake for years.  This year I decided to make the cake and then cut into small pieces and put in cupcake holders.  This works great for parties and get together’s when you have several desserts to choose from.  This cake is very moist and delicious.  Even if you do […]


Chocolate Pecan Clusters Every Christmas I make Peanut Butter Clusters.  The last few years my husband has requested pecan clusters.  He loves the pecan more the the peanut butter clusters.  I prefer the peanut butter clusters, but you be the judge.  I don’t have a picture of the peanut butter clusters, but I will tell […]

Sugar-Free Chocolate Pie

This sugar-free pie is delicious.  It does not taste sugar-free.  This dessert is good for diabetics or people who are trying to lose weight and want something sweet to eat. Here is the recipe: I use the ready made pie crust.  Once your pie crust is baked, you will need one box of chocolate instant […]

Mac and Cheese Recipe

I just love the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond).  I follow her blog and I think she has some really cute stories, recipes and ideas.    I recently tried Ree’s Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese recipe she has on her blog.  First you cook the onions in a skillet with butter.  As the onions are cooking […]