5 Affordable Valentine Day Gift Ideas

1)The stores are already full of Valentine Day gifts and cards.  So the next time you go into a store go ahead and pick out a Valentine Day card for your partner.  Write a nice love note in it and mail it instead of handing it to them or emailing them a card.  This takes more time and effort and your partner is sure to appreciate the time and thoughtfulness.

2) Make a coupon book for Sunday through Saturday and have something special you will do for your partner each day that week. 

3) Go to shutterfly.com and have a book made with photos from all year of you and your partner or previous Valentine Day pictures and events that you and your partner have shared through the years.  (this is a little more expensive)
4) Have a picture already framed of you and your partner for them to place on their desk at their office.
5) Write items on individual notes and fold them and put the notes in a jar and each choose from the jar.  It can be things like: massage – watch a movie together – your favorite restaurants or other creative ideas that you know your partner will appreciate.
Remember don’t just tell your partner you love them, show them by doing something that takes your time and effort.  #cupidsarrow
Happy Valentine’s Day

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